Tutorial on how to use Binomo bonuses


One of the main benefits of the Binomo trading platform is bonuses. From the overview, you will learn how to get bonuses, including coupons/codes, as well as their terms of use.

Binomo bonus – what is it?

binomo bonus
Binomo bonuses are unique gifts that the company provides to its users to increase their trading potential. Let’s take a look at the types of bonuses that the platform offers.

A welcome bonus

Every new client gets a first deposit bonus of 25%. It is not a coupon but a banner that must be clicked on the platform after registration (available within 30 minutes).

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A deposit bonus

The next bonus is available at the time of the deposit. The higher the status of the Binomo account, the greater the amount of the bonus that can be gotten:

  • up to 100% – Standard account;
  • up to 150% – Gold account;
  • up to 200% – VIP account.

Note! The welcome and deposit bonuses can be combined to increase your investment in Binomo up to 100% or more.

A no-deposit bonus

binomo no deposit bonus
A no-deposit bonus can be activated in the “Gifts” section on the Binomo website/app. Most benefits offers are received by VIP clients. For example, a personal manager can offer VIP traders unique conditions: investment insurance, risk-free trades, and others.

A bonus code or coupon

One of the most common bonuses for Binomo. Usually, such bonus codes are timed to some event or holiday and can give up to 100% on a deposit!

How to get a bonus code?

binomo bonus coupon
There are different ways to get a bonus coupon from Binomo. Users who have traded on the platform for a while can get a bonus code by email. Traders can get a bonus coupon within the framework of various promotions held by the company, for example, on the occasion of a national holiday. They can usually be found in the “Promotions” section of the Binomo website. Also, bonus codes can be seen on social networks or received as a reward.

Are bonuses withdrawn from the balance?

Bonuses can be withdrawn from your account in the form of funds. But for that, it is necessary to make a Mandatory Trading Turnover. It must exceed the bonus amount 35-41 times. The calculation of the Trading Turnover doesn’t include trades with the “strike” mechanic and with a zero result. So, the bonus amount can be withdrawn only after the Trading Turnover.

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Terms and conditions Binomo bonus

binomo deposit bonus
Before using Binomo bonuses, for instance, a coupon or a 100% deposit bonus, it is crucial to understand the terms and conditions of their provision:

  1. Receiving a bonus is a Binomo user’s right, not a financial obligation to the platform.
  2. It is also allowed to have only one active bonus on the platform.
  3. The bonus can be cancelled if you haven’t made trades after its activation.

Note! The full terms and conditions of use of Binomo bonuses are described in the 8th paragraph of the Client Agreement.

Total about Binomo bonuses

So, Binomo provides its customers with different gifts: a welcome bonus for registration of 25%, coupons or codes, deposit and no-deposit bonuses. It is a voluntary reward for users and not an obligation of the Binomo to them.

Bonuses help to increase trading potential but do not guarantee a positive result of the trade. You can lose investment if your forecast is wrong. This risk is always present in trading, so make a deposit and use bonuses only when confident in your abilities. Also, don’t forget to use the tutorials and demo account to improve your trading skills and reduce the risk of losing funds.