Muhammad Faraz


Muhammad FarazMy name is Muhammad Faraz. I have always had a keen interest in trading, and investing. For that purpose, I acquired education in the same domain, namely, I graduated from IBA (Institute of Business Administration). But the most difficult part of my journey was to find a reliable trading platform.

I started at the age of 19 and I’m 29 at the moment. These 10 years have been a bumpy ride for me. But I’ll say where there is a will there’s a way. It took me 2-3 years to find the trading platform that I can trust with my funds. I eventually discovered a platform having analytical trading services, called Binomo.

What’s Binomo and how does it work?

Binomo is a trading platform that proposes over 70 financial assets. It provides premium quality support 24/7. By being a part of Binomo you can also get professional-level tutorials.

So, if you’re a novice trader to get additional income or look for safe investment opportunities, Binomo can be an optimal platform. Despite the fact that I was a beginner, the support managers treated me with immense attention. It paved the path to my dreams. I started learning about funds management, and investment strategies within no time.

How has been my journey as a trader in these 10 years?

I started on Binomo with a demo account. It acted as a training room for me, and helped in exploring the global markets without spending a dime. And the step-by-step guide aided in learning all necessary features of the platform.

The thing that really boosted my confidence and experience was the virtual funds. They have significant merit in polishing my trading skills on various assets. These funds cannot be withdrawn from a demo account but provide a real-time experience with no possible risk. 

After my training, I switched to the Gold account of Binomo within 6 months.

Fast forward, I’ll say that I took a risk and invested in such a way that made me nothing but lose my investment. After that, I asked my boss for overtime assignments to earn additional funds. And I came again to the online trading platforms after 2 months.

At that time, the Binomo app came in handy. It assisted in getting all the necessary information and notifications while I was hustling.

My passion for trading made me hired by several fellow traders. I helped newbies and freshies in the field to find the optimal trading platform and make the right moves with their investments. After 3-4 years of being an assistant in trading platforms, I got very confident in my professional skills.

The trustworthy trading platform Binomo has an evident place on my path of becoming skilled. But even though I have become an experienced trader I only take every step after deep determination and observation and recommend that everyone be mindful of the risks. In order not to lose your investment, you need to carefully analyze the market and study a lot.